International activity


             BOMARE COMPANY, being the leader of the electronics industry in Algeria, has been exporting its products since 2015 under the STREAM SYSTEM brand name reflecting the desire of its founder M. Ali BOUMEDIENE to integrate the export activity into the company\\\'s core activities.

             In order to achieve this goal, it invested in 2001 in modern, state-of-the-art equipment through a factory with 04 production units and two clean rooms. The company is committed to a socially responsible approach by strictly respecting international health and safety standards.

             On the international scene, BOMARE COMPANY actively participates in fairs and exhibitions. The IFA Messe Berlin (Germany) is one of the key events in which the company has been taking part since 2011. BOMARE COMPANY marks its presence by exhibiting all its know-how, expertise and innovations in terms of innovation and technology.

             It was in 2007 that BOMARE COMPANY made its very first exports under a rigid and austere regulatory climate that was not very favorable to international trade. It succeeded, timidly, in exporting initially to Africa and Greece.

             In 2013, BOMARE COMPANY starts manufacturing televisions and smartphones for LG Electronics.

             2016 will mark a decisive turning point in the history of BOMARE COMPANY. A $50 million agreement was signed with its spanish distributor for a period of five years to promote and distribute the STREAM SYSTEM products in Spain and Portugal. This first success will be the first step towards conquering the European market and the beginning of the company\\\'s prosperity.

             In 2018, BOMARE COMPANY conquered the African market, considering it a \\\"high-potential emerging market\\\", and hence concluded an agreement to export its smartphones to South Africa and signed a contract worth $4 million per year to export its products to the Gabonese market.

             Rich in experience, BOMARE COMPANY is embarking on the conquest of new markets. In 2019, BOMARE COMPANY exports its STREAM SYSTEM products to Italy, which are distributed over a large network including more than 2000 points of sale through the giants of distribution such as COOP, CARREFOUR, and E. LECLERC.

             BOMARE COMPANY guarantees the satisfaction of its customers while listening to them, thus ensuring after-sales service in all the territories where its products are marketed.

             Currently, BOMARE COMPANY is negotiating contracts for the export of its STREAM SYSTEM products to the German market and the establishment of an after-sales service in Germany.

             By 2022, BOMARE COMPANY will work to extend its network internationally, by devoting 60% of its production for exports to both Europe and Africa markets.