Free update for the installation of ARENA platform on STREAM Smart TVs

What is ARENA?

ARENA is an entertainment platform, which is exclusively available on STREAM Smart TVs. This Smart solution allows users to optimize the use of their Smart TV and gives them access to different streaming platforms, VOD, movies and series as well as IPTV, in addition to a multitude of applications available on the store or downloadable from the web.

ARENA update, how does it work?

To install ARENA platform update, you need a Smart TV STREAM compatible with this platform (see list below), and a computer to prepare the software.

Step 01: Download the software

Enter the serial number of your model, click on SEARCH to find and download the software for your Smart TV.

NB :If your model will not be displayed, this means that either you have entered a false serial number, or your model is not compatible with the ARENA platform, or it will be added later.

Step 02: Preparation of the software

On your PC, once the file has been downloaded, decompress it to have a file with the extension * .bin

! Important: do not change the name of the decompressed file.

Copy the decompressed file to the root of USB key (must be formatted in FAT32 format).

! Important: the .bin file must be in the root of the USB key and not in a folder.

Step 03: Installing the software

a. Turn off the TV

(turn off the power completely).


b. Insert the USB key into one of the USB ports (2.0).


c. Connect the power.


d. When the LED starts flashing it indicates that the TV is being upgraded (the message appears on a blue screen).


e. Wait about 03 minutes.

f. When the update is completed (100%), the TV will turn off automatically.

g. Remove the USB key from the TV.


h. Turn on the TV; wait for the welcome menu to appear (about 02 minutes).

( Data and applications will be automatically deleted after ARENA update).

(once the update is completed, delete the .bin file from your USB key before using it on your Smart TV).


Congratulations, the TV is successfully updated