BOMARE COMPANY, represented by its commercial brand \"Stream System\" is a competitor in the sector of the electronic industry in the local and international market, by its innovative approach, its technological expertise and know-how acquired during these years of existence.

In order to preserve its leading place in the Algerian electronics market and to further develop its international business in the context of strengthening its internationalization policy, BOMARE COMPANY is committed to meet and to satisfy the needs of its customers, partners and suppliers, by offering quality products and services adapted to the most stringent legal and regulatory requirements and international standards.

In a process of long-term development and continuous improvement of its activities, BOMARE COMPANY adopts a strategic vision based on the quality of its products and services, effective operational management, process control and the acquisition of new equipment for reinforcement of the production line.

In line with this strategy, the main objectives of BOMARE COMPANY are:

-              Satisfaction of customers and all interested parties;

-              Strengthening the position of its trademark Stream System in the local and international market;

-              The continuous development of the technical and managerial skills of the staff;

-              Reinforcement of the industrial subcontracting activity.

Through the quality management system of BOMARE COMPANY in its new version 2015 of the ISO 9001 standard, each process contributes to the achievement of the set objectives, this allows BOMARE COMPANY to enhance its ability to meet the needs of stakeholders and improve its organization to make its Quality Management system “QSM” more efficient and effective.

BOMARE COMPANY has used an approach based on the control of risks and opportunities at all levels of the organization and has reiterated its commitment to continuously develop and improve its Quality Management system ‘’QMS’’, by allocating all necessary means to insure that this system continues to be relevant and produces value-added .