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Discover a new way to visualize your content and dive into a world of colors!

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STREAM's series of Mini LED TVs

Combine a 4K technology resolution, a mini LED backlight technology and a quantum dot filter that allow us to have deeper blacks and brighter colours.

Higher contrast, more intense colors , and deeper blacks.

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4K UHD LCD screen

A LED screen is an LCD screen that requires a light source produced by light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The LCD screen is therefore backlit by LEDs.

Quantum Dot

Quantum dot refers to a technology using nano-crystals used in conjunction with LED backlighting in certain TVs to improve color rendering. Due to their structure, quantum dots filter the light emitted by the LEDs.

Mini LEDs

We go from a few dozen backlighting zones on a standard LED TV to several hundred or even thousands on a Mini-LED system.

HDR 10 + WCG

High Dynamic Range 10 and Wide Color Gamut

Pushing contrast to the limits, with deeper black and brighter light with our Mini LED TVs

Because of the quantum dot layer, experience a wider color gamut with over 1 billion colors possible



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[1]: The Mini LED series is coming soon in WebOS Hub

[2]: These features (PureSound and the 120 Hz refresh rate) are coming soon

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