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STREAM’s Mini LED TV.. The first Mini LED TV in Algeria

Enjoy an exceptional viewing experience from STREAM’s Mini LED TV series, with an optimized image in terms of brightness and contrast, in addition to a world of colors with more than a billion colors thanks to the Quantum Dot filter

STREAM’s Mini LED TV.. The first Mini LED TV in Algeria

A Television with personalized content for you

Thanks to artificial intelligence, benefit from recommended content according to your profile and preferences

A Television with personalized content for you

Live a magical experience with STREAM’s Web OS TV !

A smart TV with features that make it easier to control and others that make it easier to browse the internet

Live a magical experience with STREAM’s Web OS TV !

Dongle Android TV STREAM… Small and Smart!

Simply plug in your Dongle STREAM and your TV becomes a Smart Android TV

Dongle Android TV STREAM… Small and Smart!

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Our Mini LED TVs give you an exceptional picture quality with deeper blacks and brighter colours
Stream's Mini LED Google TV interface
Our Web OS Smart TVs allow you to benefit from an intelligent and versatile platform, offering a fluid, easy and intuitive user experience for fast navigation and efficient multitasking.
Stream's WebOS Hub interface
Our Google TVs are offer you a personalized entertainment platform, thanks to content recommendations based on your profile and your own preferences.
Stream's Google TV interface

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    Stream - 5 years of warranty Stream - 1er téléviseur exporté vers l'Europe


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BOMARE COMPANY Launches Special Campaign for Ramadan: Offering 1000 Dongle STREAM Android TV Devices for Free

<p>BOMARE COMPANY, under its commercial brand STREAM, is excited to announce the launch of a special campaign for Ramadan. As part of this initiative, 1000 Dongle STREAM Android TV devices will be offered for free to participants.</p><p>The Dongle STREAM Android TV is an innovative device that allows users to turn their normal TV into a SMART Android TV. With this dongle, users can access a wide range of content and applications directly from their TV.</p><p>To participate in this exceptional offer, simply download the STREAM APP application from Play Store and register in the form that appears when opening the application. Registrations will be open starting March 24, 2024.</p><p>Don't miss this unique opportunity to get a free Dongle STREAM Android TV and enjoy an exceptional entertainment experience during Ramadan.</p>

BOMARE COMPANY welcomes representatives of the ILO and KOICA for a visit and report as part of the STED – AMT project

BOMARE COMPANY had the honor of welcoming representatives from the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) for a visit and report as part of the STED-AMT project (Skills Alignment on Sectoral Development Strategies in the Maghreb) on April 3, 2024, at its production facility in Birtouta.

As one of the leaders in the electronics industry in Algeria, BOMARE COMPANY is delighted to be among the operators selected as an example in this sector, by sharing its experience of over 20 years (since 2001) and contributed to this project aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of this economic sector through the implementation of effective methodologies and strategies for skills development and utilization, inspired by the Korean experience.

One of BOMARE COMPANY's strategic main focus is developing the skills of its human resources and that of the electronics and home appliance sector in Algeria. BOMARE COMPANY actively participate in bridging initiatives that contribute to closer collaboration between companies and educational institutions, in order to remain competitive through the advantage of a qualified workforce capable of developing the sector through competitive local production, meeting the challenge of technological independence, and thus being able to respond to the government's call for diversification and increased non-hydrocarbon exports.

This collaboration once again demonstrates BOMARE COMPANY's commitment to the country's sustainable economic growth, which it believes is achieved through professional development and skills enhancement.

BOMARE COMPANY announces the winners of its giveaway “1000 Android TV Dongle from STREAM”

BOMARE COMPANY under its commercial brand STREAM, is pleased to announce the results of its exceptional giveaway ''1000 Android TV Dongle from STREAM'', which was held live on the company's official Facebook page, on April 17, 2024 , at the Ferdi Lilly Hotel. The event, supervised by a bailiff and in the presence of representatives of the press, was a resounding success.

The competition generated incredible enthusiasm, with an impressive total of 46,000 participants, 1000 lucky people were named as the lucky winners of this exclusive competition.

The event, which took place from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., was an opportunity for STREAM to reward its customers' loyalty to the brand. The winners were selected randomly and impartially, ensuring fairness and transparency in the process.

STREAM would like to thank all participants for their enthusiasm and continued support, and invites them to stay tuned for more exciting news and upcoming events from STREAM.

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