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STREAM's Warranty Information.

Warranty Information

STREAM is the first Algerian TV brand to offer a 5-year warranty on its products.

General Warranty Conditions

  • STREAM products are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects for a period of 60 months from the date of product delivery, and starting from the production date plus an additional 03 months in case there is no purchase date indicated on the purchase document.
  • Repairs carried out during the warranty period in accordance with its terms are free of charge.
  • The replaced spare parts and the necessary labor are free within the framework of complying with the terms of the warranty.
  • All repairs covered by the warranty are carried out under the responsibility of the service provider (repairer).

Conditions to benefit from the warranty

To benefit from the advantages of this warranty, you must:

  • Submit a properly completed proof of purchase (invoice, receipt, purchase order) to prove the place of purchase, date of purchase, serial number, seller's stamp, trade register number, and type of product, or, failing that;
  • Present a valid, properly completed warranty certificate, purchase date, seller's stamp, trade register number, serial number, etc., without any modification or scribbling on it.

Conditions for cancellation of the warranty

  • Failure to present a proof of purchase document or failure to present a warranty certificate in accordance with the conditions stipulated in paragraph b sub-paragraph 1 above.
  • Modification or removal of the product's serial number, preventing product identification.
  • Partial or complete damage or absence of the warranty sticker on the product. The sticker is intended to ensure that the product has not undergone attempts outside the authorized network.
  • Intervention on the product by any professional or agent not authorized by the company during the warranty period.

Circumstances for cancellation of the warranty

  • Deterioration of the product due to transport after purchase, including scratches and breakages.
  • Use other than that specified in the user manual and general instructions.
  • Partial or complete damage due to lightning, water, moisture, fire, natural disaster, power disturbances, improper installation (near a radiator), or any external factor causing negative effects on the product.
  • Excessive use, neglect in maintenance, use of inappropriate cleaning methods, and presence of insects (see user manual).
  • Use the product in a location not intended for this purpose (see user manual).
  • Use the product or any of its accessories with damaged, inappropriate, or defective batteries.


  • Products repaired outside the warranty period benefit from a commercial warranty period granted by the company, estimated at six (6) months from the date the product is recovered by the customer or their representative. This granted period concerns the repair of the product and the replaced spare parts.
  • The provider (the company or its authorized agent) may offer the customer the use of second-hand spare parts in certain cases.
  • The product entrusted to the provider (the company or its authorized agent) for repair and which the customer or their representative (the depositor) does not request to be returned within one year, from the date of recovery of the property set on the deposit slip, is considered abandoned.
  • Products deposited for repair can only be retrieved by the depositor or their representative, and only upon presentation of the deposit slip.
  • Additional services may be provided as part of commercial or marketing actions, for an improvement of the service, and they may be chargeable.
  • Before receiving your device and using it for the first time, make sure that your device has been tested by the seller in your presence, that the mode of use has been explained to you, and that the warranty certificate, user manual, and proof of purchase have been correctly filled out.
  • This warranty is valid only in the national territory.
  • Products located outside the national territory are subject to specific warranty conditions.

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