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Quality Policy

Since its creation, BOMARE COMPANY has always been very active in seeking opportunities that allow it to preserve its leading position in the electronics sector on a national scale and to maintain all its export performances.

The maintenance of all its acquired positions is ensured thanks to the investment effort resulting in the constant improvement of its products to meet market requirements and this through an adapted commercial strategy.

The development of its export activities as well as the deployment of its international after-sales service network constitute for BOMARE COMPANY a major concern for improving its achievements in a highly competitive context.

In the current economic context, BOMARE COMPANY adopts a strategic vision based on the quality of its products and services, effective operational management as well as perfect control of processes and the acquisition of new high-tech equipment. This vision allows BOMARE COMPANY to maintain its strength as a precursor in the export of Algerian electronic products to Europe, and to constitute a model of proposition in the definition of the new economic approach of the country In line with this strategy , the objectives of BOMARE COMPANY are structured around the following 04 main axes:

  • • Build customer loyalty and satisfy internal and external interested parties

    • Develop the company’s human capital

    • Maintain and develop the presence of the Stream System brand nationally and internationally.

    • Diversification of the company's activities and laboratory accreditation according to ISO/IEC 17025

In accordance with the quality management system of BOMARE COMPANY and the ISO 9001/2015 standard, each process is used to achieve the set objectives.

BOMARE COMPANY deploys an approach based on the assessment of strengths and weaknesses as well as the analysis of risks and opportunities by placing continuous improvement and customer satisfaction as well as all interested parties at the heart of its strategy.

BOMARE COMPANY reiterates its commitment to developing and continuously improving its quality management system (QMS), by providing the necessary resources (human, material and technical), so that it is relevant and brings added value.

BOMARE COMPANY counts on the usual collaboration of the quality management manager, process pilots as well as all staff in order to continue to highlight this quality policy.

BOMARE COMPANY also aims to commit to accredit its calibration laboratory according to the ISO IEC 17025 V 2017 standard, this commitment aims to guarantee that the laboratory carries out its activities with complete impartiality and confidentiality, these elements are fundamental principles of our laboratory calibration This is why we take all necessary steps to ensure that the results cannot be influenced and are reliable in relation to the requirements of ISO 17025.